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I'd launched my personal website. You can see some of my works and to learn more about me and the news about me. There is information about where and how to find me.



Some reviews of my paintings and my work as a whole:

Nikolay Karadjov manifests itself as a true painter with a colorful rich tonal harmonies effects and the realism on the objects to the artist can be defined as philosophical.

                  Kiril Krastev - a critic, from the word of the opening of an exhibition of N. Karadzhov
                  Sofia city, exhibition hall; 6, Ruski Blv - 1981


The artist is a great drawer, but he do not makes still lifes. Knowledge of the spiritual essence of matter - that's what excites, ... This is an aggressive painting that push to reflection, sometimes risky, but always focused on the sensitivity of modern man.

                  "Narodnal Cultura" 22/07/1985, from the writer Vladimir Zarev


His paintings are a new world, and we the audience, as tireless researchers are searching in their perfection traits that are identifing us.

                 Dimitar Grozdanov - art critic, 2005